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Latest Release by John Preston Smith


"The Legend of the Last Dog"


How would you feel if upon waking tomorrow morning there were no dogs...anywhere?



Few people took notice as dogs began to disappear.  Slowly, ever so slowly, more and more evaporated into thin air.  From kennels and boarding facilities, from breeders and pet shops.  From security agencies and from the military.   They vanished until only one remained.



One man could stop the panic and the agony.   Only he alone could get them back.  But there were two looming roadblocks:  There was very little time and would people do what needed to be done?  


Smith's book predicts a worst-scenario should animal abuse continue its destructive path.


This is Smith's ninth published work and his third about dogs.  His history of training more than 14000 dogs is his resume for writing about man's best friend.

Copies are available on, the Kindle Store, or locally at Roberts Running shops in Huntington and Charleston.

Proceeds support the Hoops Family Children's Hospital



New Original Music by John Preston Smith

Pickleball Lament by John Preston Smith

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I saw you, babe

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Digital Album (high-quality) download, benefits the Hoops Family Children's Hospital in Huntington, WV. 


Please contact JPS on Facebook if a CD (compact disc) is preferred


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