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Books by John Preston Smith


"The Legend of the Last Dog"


How would you feel if upon waking tomorrow morning there were no dogs...anywhere?



Few people took notice as dogs began to disappear.  Slowly, ever so slowly, more and more evaporated into thin air.  From kennels and boarding facilities, from breeders and pet shops.  From security agencies and from the military.   They vanished until only one remained.



One man could stop the panic and the agony.   Only he alone could get them back.  But there were two looming roadblocks:  There was very little time and would people do what needed to be done?  


Smith's book predicts a worst-scenario should animal abuse continue its destructive path.


This is Smith's ninth published work and his third about dogs.  His history of training more than 14000 dogs is his resume for writing about man's best friend.


I believe in law and order.

Without law there is no order.

Without order there is chaos.

The Bog, The Legend of Man's Best Friend

On the day that cries of a wounded animal drew me into The Bog, I was no different than you. Now, I am a changed man.


I now understand the choices that dogs make and how they were selected to be man’s best friend.  I understand the source of their soul and their place in the hereafter. I see them as messengers and guardians.  I understand the depth of their love as they seek little more than our friendship.  And I understand their willingness to defend us in death. No one has been able to tell this story until now…because no one, other than me, has met Napoleon! I challenge you not to open the covers of this book—unless you are willing to face your dog in a new light. 

Beyond Imagination

These stories are fashioned around basic human challenges that stymie our hope and test our faith…and we wonder if anyone is listening. Yet, we know that goodness abounds, prayers are answered, and peace is but around the corner. These stories sustain those beliefs 


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Murder on the Trap

Life has been pretty good to Bon Sandifer. After his tour in Vietnam he marries his childhood sweetheart, is a successful private investigator, and he rides his Harley. Then the murders begin on Curly Trap Road. His wife, Shelly, dies first. A fellow biker is crushed under a Caddie. And his brother is killed riding a motorcycle. When he remarries and finds happiness with his deaf biker bride, the murderous web tightens and he grapples with skeptical detectives and old Vietnam memories. Sandifer fights to save his kidnapped wife and to solve the mystery of the evil that hounds him. With his back against the wall he turns in the only direction he can trust: his fellow ragtag team of Harley bikers...

Never Again

Hamilton Prescott, special investigator of missing children, has 72 hours to find Sandy. Children not found within that time limit, are seldom found at all.  There’s plenty of evidence, but no suspects.  The clock ticks…



Master of the Shadows

Dwayne the canman roams the streets in search of aluminum cans.  While rummaging through the dumpster near the  Shadow Creek pumping station, he discovers  a partially submerged body…the first of five missing physicians.  The sixth will soon be taken.  Can Detective Webster Kane save her?


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